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Better Together

In the event of a cardiac arrest, the speed and quality of care are crucial. The faster the measures are started and the more precisely they are carried out, the higher the chances of survival for the person affected. That's why Momentum, CorPatch and You are a true dream team.

This combination of an alerting app and a CPR feedback system is unique globally.
Switzerland is leading the way here!
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Be quicker!

Be alerted and perform CPR as quickly as possible in the event of a cardiac arrest in your vicinity thanks to georeferenced alerts and navigation.

Be better!

Activate the CorPatch CPR feedback system directly from your Momentum app and ensure high-precision chest compressions right from the start.

Be there!

Be there for your fellow human beings. Be their heart when it counts. Practice chest compressions every 3 months with the support of CorPatch. Be prepared!

The CorPatch CPR-Feedback System


Activate the CorPatch app. In an emergency, tap the red dot three times quickly and follow the instructions as shown in the animation.


Receive high-precision feedback on the quality of your chest compressions. Let yourself be coached. Because the better the quality of your chest compressions, the better the chances of survival for the person affected.

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Der CorPatch besteht aus zwei wesentlichen Bestandteilen


Der CorPatch Feedback-Sensor zur Messung von Drucktiefe, Frequenz, Entlastung und Hands-off Zeiten.


Die CorPatch App, welche die Messungen sichtbar macht und Dich in Echtzeit anleitet, wie Du die CPR optimieren kannst.

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You may be wondering...

Be my heart! Sei mein herz! Sois mon cœur! Essere il mio cuore!

YOU make the difference!

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